Our Games


Sticky Picture

Tests your reflexes and long-sightedness. Sticky Picture is a block control game. Drag your finger to move the blocks and create a picture!

Funland 3D

Funland 3D The most exciting amusement park race! Every level brings a new unique fun experience. Compete the parkour with your team and get the real entertainment.

Color Liner 3D

Do you have what it takes to reach to end ? There are dozens of maps and all require different set of skills.Achieve levels, unlock new characters.

Cube Slice

This game tests your physical and mental limits thats why you have to use your mental strength, visual spatial ability and strategy ability.


A fun game where you can relieve the stress of the day... You can add fun to your entertainment by chasing people with your bad smell and dropping them into the sea.


This game amazing! You have to use your mental strength, visual spatial ability and strategy ability.

Clean Snow

This game will SUPRISE you! Swipe to move and clean - you’ve got to solve snowplow maze puzzles.


Wanna create your own restaurant empire all around the world ? Manage your restaurant and your idle profit.

Shooter Sniper

Save Your City ! You are going to defend your city from enemy attack. Snipe all the attacking enemies. Win the game.

Balloon Shooter VR

How does it feel to being a Hero ? Shoot the balloons and save the people. Prepare yourself to satisfaction of bursting balloons in the great Daydream Arcade game !

Smell of Death

Smell of Death is a Horror FPS virtual reality game includes action and horror items.