How does it feel to being a Hero ? 

Shoot the balloons and save the people. Prepare yourself to satisfaction of bursting balloons in the great Daydream Arcade game !

Ballon Shooter

Featured in Google Play Store in August 2017.


Short Story
We were living happily. One day aliens came to our town. They decided to kidnap the children of town.Aliens uses balloon.You must save the children. Because you are best archer in the world. If you shoot balloons, Children’s lives will save.
Town’s future is now in your hands.
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  • Balloon Shooter VR Experience:
  • Actively use the Daydream motion controller to shoot balloon in VR
  • Reach the highest score
  • Beautiful 3D environment and models
  • Charming sound and music, with HQ graphics.
  • Live Daydeream technology
  • Easy to learn and hard to master
  • Slow motion effects
  • Try to shoot bonus balloons
  • Aim for the target
  • Show your ability of shooting

*This VR game requires Daydream controller.