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Creative VR Experiances from a world-class team

Alkame Games is indie game studio and specializing in Virtual

Reality technologies.The talented team is focused on creating new VR experiences.

Alkame Games is an indie VR game studio built in 2016. Through negotiations with producers such as Oculus and HTC Vive, they reached these products without reaching the market. Alkame is the early stage companies of the VR industry. Alkame Games is just a VR-focused game studio. We are currently developing games on PC and Mobile.

We've developing solutions with amazing products

Our Team

Şeyma S.

Community Manager

Şeyma is community manager at Alkame.

Ömer F Sarıkaya


Programmer at Alkame.

Ercan Atagün

Game Designer

Ercan Atagün is Game Designer at Alkame.